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Witness the profound impact of our services on the lives of countless individuals and communities.


Discover the diverse range of services we offer, where you can explore and experience transformative journeys, finding renewed purpose, hope, and clarity.

For Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Educational institutions shape futures. New Vision Behavioral Health's Academic Well-being Program (AWP) is meticulously crafted to support this monumental task. By providing students and educators with modern tools and methodologies, we foster environments of mental well-being, resilience, and academic triumph.
Teacher Assisting a Student
Academic and Athletic Mental Wellness Initiative

Educational institutions and athletic programs shape futures, and New Vision Behavioral Health is committed to ensuring mental wellness thrives in these settings. Our Academic Well-being Program (AWP) has been meticulously crafted to elevate the mental health of students, educators, and athletes.

Empower your institution:

• Counseling Services: Tackling academic pressures, social challenges, and personal dilemmas.

• Faculty Training: Techniques to spot and aid students grappling with emotional hurdles.

• Workshops: Stress relief, efficient time management, and building resilience.

For Athletic Programs

Understanding the unique challenges athletes face, New Vision acknowledges the pressures of competition, potential injuries, and the constant scrutiny athletes are under. These factors can contribute to anxiety, self-doubt, and mental strain. Hence, we have designed workshops specifically catering to the mental well-being of athletes.

Athlete-focused Workshops:

• Stress Management: Understand and handle stress in sports.

• Emotion Regulation: Manage negative emotions and cognitive distortions.

• Resilience Training: Develop coping strategies and mechanisms.

• Balancing Life: Ensuring a harmonious balance between sporting commitments and personal life.

• Goal Orientation: Maintaining mental focus, motivation, and setting objectives.

• Transition Management: Navigating challenges like injuries, losses, or team changes.

• Effective Communication: Conflict resolution and assertive communication.

By integrating these workshops and services, we aim to foster an environment where mental wellness is prioritized, and every individual, be it a student, educator, or athlete, can thrive mentally, emotionally, and academically. For more details about our organization and initiatives, visit New Vision Behavioral Health.

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