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Transformative Journeys, Lasting Change.

Witness the profound impact of our services on the lives of countless individuals and communities.


Discover the diverse range of services we offer, where you can explore and experience transformative journeys, finding renewed purpose, hope, and clarity.

For Children & Adolescents

Youth today are facing a number of behavioral, social-emotional, and mental health challenges. Increasing academic stress and pressure, managing relationships and coping with social exclusion, discrimination, stigma, suicidal ideations, and lack of access to supportive adults and mental health services are risk factors that negatively impact the mental well-being of our youth. Common mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance use, and trauma. It is important to prioritize access to a comprehensive, coordinated network of mental health services and support for young people. At New Vision Behavioral Health Inc., we provide comprehensive, solution-focused clinical support, that equips youth with tools and strategies to manage life stressors, develop self-awareness, and strive toward a life of mental wellness.
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Dive deeper with NVBH's curated offerings

• Monthly Women's Groups: Dive deep into self-nurturing practices, balance emotions, and navigate addiction and recovery. A safe space dedicated to women's unique journeys.

• Youth & School-Based Services: Comprehensive care for at-risk youth, addressing learning challenges, mood disorders, and more. Engage in our Teen Substance Groups, individual counseling, and specialized training sessions, ensuring a brighter future for our young generation.

• Offender & Ex-offender Services: A compassionate approach to rehabilitation, custom-built for individuals once entangled with the justice system. Reintegrate with renewed purpose.

• Addiction and Mental Health Services: Comprehensive therapies and thorough evaluations, from individual sessions to group discussions, meticulously designed to navigate addiction's grasp and pinpoint specific needs for targeted intervention and support.

• DBT Skills Training (Dialectical Behavior Therapy): Specialized courses designed for young individuals, instilling essential strategies to manage emotional intensity and navigate life's adversities

• Social Skills Groups: Empower the youth with interactive sessions to enhance their communication, empathy, and teamwork. Building confidence one interaction at a time.

• Anger Management Courses: Structured lessons offering actionable strategies to identify triggers, maintain calm, and channel anger constructively.

• Cultural Sensitivity Courses: Explore and celebrate global diversities. Encouraging respect, openmindedness, and deeper intercultural connections.

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