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Our Services

New Vision Behavioral Health Inc. (NVBH), understands the variety of treatment options available to provide you with comprehensive, compassionate care.

Stressed Woman

Transitional Counseling

Transitional Life Counseling (TLC) is the cynosure of the New Vision Behavioral Health practice. During the diverse stages of our lives, we face a variety of transitions, that can result in anger, confusion, depression, anxiety, and many other emotions that affect our day-to-day lives.


Change of any magnitude can prevent us from accessing the positive opportunities that lie ahead.  

New Vision Behavioral Health Inc has an innovative approach that can be applied and specialized to every unique circumstance and transition you may be facing. Transitional Life Counseling is the next step to improving your life! NVBH features monthly Women's Groups: Self Care, Balancing Mental/Emotional Wellness, Addiction & Recovery Groups.

Offender/Ex-offender Services & Addictions Counseling

Our staff is knowledgeable about the unique needs of working with individuals in the justice system and provide services that aid in their restoration.


  • 8-Hour Anger Management Courses

  •  Mental Health & Substance Abuse Evaluations, and Cultural Sensitivity Courses.

  • Addiction focused treatments for Individual and Group settings

  • Social-Emotional 

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Youth & School-Based Services:


NVBH provides an array of counseling services for at-risk youth as well as school-based counseling services that aid students with learning and behavioral complications as well as mood disorders.

  • Teen Substance Groups

  • Individual counseling

  • Anger Management Group

  • DBT Skills training for Adolescents and Children

  • Social Skills Groups- Children & Adolescents

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