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At New Vision Behavioral Health Incorporated,
we value our partnerships and relationships within the professional community, and we appreciate the trust that you place in our staff as a continuum of care for our patients.
Zaneta Ellison, LMHC

Competent and Compassionate 

We help adults and children suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems feel well again by providing exceptional treatment in a comfortable boutique setting.


Nhari Fitzgerald
Mental Health Counselor 
Registered Intern

Dr. Breahannah Hilaire LMHC-
Orlando Office

Bianca Ross
Mental Health Counselor
Registered Intern

Quiana Reed
MA Mental Health Counselor

Janae Hollingshed
Mental Health Counselor
Registered Intern

Amanda Caminero,
MA Social Work Student


Monica Davis
Mental Health Counselor
Registered Intern

Jamillah Wright
MA Counseling Student

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